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Material: 60% Polyester , 34% Cotton , 5% Polyamid , 1% Elastane

About Materials

This item is made of 1/7 cotton on the outside and polyester on the core, spun in Japan.

It is a unique material created through a trial-and-error process of "shrinking and swelling.

The thread shape is Liliyan.

Liliyan is a yarn composed of merillas knitting into a tubular cord.

Because the center is hollow, the finished product is lighter than it appears.

The most significant feature that sets this material apart from other Liliyan fabrics is that the yarn is corn-up by Liliyan processing, and then once reeled and set at a high temperature to further increase its bulk.

This method shrinks the length of the yarn by at least 20% and expands the shape of the yarn to give it an air layer.

This material is made by Japanese craftsmen who spend a lot of time and effort to create it.

The appeal of this product is its moderate stretchability that does not cause stress when worn, its bulky nature that gives it a three-dimensional look that is beautiful when finished, and its easy-care properties that allow it to be washed at home.


About Our Products

These socks are tube sock-type tabi socks.

The solid thickness and length of these socks balance well with the sandal + sock coordination, and the toe specs are ingeniously designed as a tabi.

Tube socks are available in FREE size.

The quality of these socks is assured because they are made of yarn used in knitwear.

These socks are carefully knitted in a factory in Japan.