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Material: 100% cotton

About Our Materials

This is 100% cotton yarn spun in Japan using the MVS method.

MVS is an abbreviation for "Murata Vortex Spinner.

This is a spinning method developed by Murata Machinery Co., Ltd. in which all fiber tips are focused to the center of the yarn by a swirling current of compressed air, so that the center of the yarn is always straight and untwisted.

The characteristics of this product are that there is little fluff on the surface of the yarn, it is difficult for fluff balls to form, and the yarn is strong enough to withstand washing.

The texture is similar to that of open-end spinning (a method of twisting yarn by air), which is seen in Made in USA T-shirts, with a rough and crisp feel, but the grain is not casual and clean, and a beautiful grain can be expressed.

Tough, beautiful, and easy to handle, we have created a product that can be used for a long time.

BD of BD COTTON is the name of hollow yarn spun by the above spinning method.

MEIAS uses a material specially ordered with twisted yarns from Sansho for a cleaner and more sag-free surface.


About Our Products

This item is a short-sleeved mock neck pullover.

The hem and collar are ribbed to keep the garment firmly in place, while the cuffs are bag-knit, a detail that allows the garment to be worn like a cut and sewn garment.