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Material: 100% Cotton

-About the material.
This is made of 3/85 count high-twist cotton. Most of the yarns used for knitwear are twin yarns (two twisted yarns), but by using three twisted yarns, the strength is increased and the yarn becomes stronger. The high twist gives the yarn a crisp feel and prevents pilling. It is a tough material that feels cool to the touch and is washable.

This polo collar pullover is knitted with a 14G mesh pattern. This is a technique of knitting with shifting of the yarn, and there are lace patterns, eyelet patterns, etc., as well as mesh patterns, which are called by different names. The mesh knitted with dry-touch high-twist cotton gives a cool and refreshing feeling and can be worn coolly. The armholes, under sleeves, and sides are thickly knitted in a single pouch to create a design point. The collar silhouette is knitted tightly with Milano ribbing, and the upper collar is sharply tailored with all-needle knitting so that it follows the neck beautifully.