Regular price ¥20,900
Material: 100% Cotton

-About the material.
This is made of 3/85 count high-twist cotton. Most of the yarns used for knitwear are twin yarns (two twisted yarns), but by using three twisted yarns, the strength is increased and the yarn becomes stronger. The high twist gives the yarn a crisp feel and prevents pilling. It feels cool to the touch and is a tough material that can withstand washing.

-About the product
The material has been changed from the 22SS mock-neck type to high-twist cotton, and the size has been renewed with a wider width and a shorter length. The specifications are the same as before, with the hem ribs knitted tightly with ribbed knitting so that they are tight, and the cuffs are bagged so that they do not tighten. The ribs of the collar are also designed not to be too tight, but to fit nicely around the neck. We recommend layering this item with a cardigan or other outer garment for a more enjoyable look.