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Material: 100% Cotton

-About the material
This is a Japanese cotton with a gima (false hemp) finish. Gima is a fiber (yarn) or fabric (cloth or fabric) that is processed to have a hemp-like texture. In order to produce a hard texture similar to hemp, the surface is treated with a resin. Resins include konjac flour, viscose, gelatin, casein, etc. CRISPY COTTON uses konjac resin. CRISPY COTTON uses konjac mannan, a dietary fiber found in konnyaku potato, the raw material of konjac, making it a natural material and a processing method that is friendly to both people and the environment. The processing gives it a crisp and cool feeling. The fabric is highly breathable and moisture absorbent, and is suitable for summer materials as it reduces fluffiness. The kasuri yarn is specially ordered in original colors. Craftsmen dyed one cassette at a time in four colors: blue, yellow, orange, and brown. The border between the colors is a complex coloring, as if there are more than four colors.

-About the product
This is a crew-neck pullover made of the same material and knitting method as CRIVE-3S10, but with the reverse side of the yarn facing out. Kasuri yarns have more variation in the front and back than regular solid yarns, and both have their own advantages. The pullover type is made with the reverse side facing out so that the wearer can enjoy the feeling of the reverse side showing. Since the shape is a basic crew neck, all of the linking specifications are made to be outer-joining, which is a key point of the design.