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Material: 100% Silk

-About the material
Silk yarns are spun by Servizi e Seta, an Italian silk spinning company. Silk is the finest and longest of all natural fibers, and has long been used as the best material for clothing, especially in the fields of dress and formal wear. Its elegant luster can be compared to that of a pearl, and in addition to its supple texture, silk products are comfortable to wear due to their rich water absorbency, moisture release, and moisture retention properties. The silk used by MEIAS is semi-combed silk, which is combed (combed to remove short fibers and impurities) many times. The silk used by MEIAS is semi-combed silk, which is combed many times to remove short fibers and impurities, resulting in a shiny, knot-free, beautifully knitted yarn. The yarn is spun by a special twisting method that stabilizes the fiber flow and reduces shrinkage and stabilizes tension through careful combing. This makes it a washable material that can be hand-washed even though it is silk. Although hand-washable, silk itself is a delicate material, so please be careful of friction when handling it.

-About the product
This item is a 22SS continuation item. Only 100% silk yarn is used to create this luxurious heavyweight T-shirt. By expressing the popular heavyweight T-shirt made of cotton with silk, the luster that can be seen from a distance creates an unparalleled high-quality and dignified atmosphere. The silhouette of the Finest series by CAMBER, a long-established manufacturer of heavyweight T-shirts that has been loved since its establishment in 1948, was used as a reference to create the pattern, and knit elements were added in the ditching and other parts of the fabric. We hope you will wear it. We hope you will wear this item and feel the balance between the shiny and comfortable material and the silhouette. In line with the compact seasonal mood, we have prepared size S for this season.