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Material: 100% cotton

About Our Products

This product is the result of an initiative between a Japanese cut-and-sew factory and an artist.

This BODY was created with an original pattern at a long-established cut-and-sew factory established in Wakayama Prefecture in 1930.

The fabric is made of 100% cotton, which is firm to the touch, and the body width is slightly loose.

From this season, we are offering the previous season's L size in one size.

Also for the 22SS, we collaborated with stencil artist Kansuke Akaike for the graphics.

Akaike himself hand-applies each stencil by hand in his atelier, making it a very rare and valuable artwork.

This season's design is modeled after early 20th century, constructivist posters.

Constructivism was a revolutionary idea, and at the time, the novel designs using geometry were disruptive to the traditional and signified the arrival of a new era.

Together with Mr. Akaike, we have created graphic art with a sense of humor, as is typical of MEIAS, while comparing such changes in times and ideas with the new lifestyle of today.

The text is in Portuguese, the origin of the word MEIAS, and a poster is printed on the T-shirt with a description of what it would look like if MEIAS were to hold an exhibition in Portugal.

The unique airiness of the stencil, with its many layers of color, enhances the presence of the stencil and gives it the luxurious feeling of being clad in art.

It can be enjoyed not only as a point of coordination, but also as art just by hanging it on a hanger.

-Kansuke Akaike - While attending art school, Kansuke Akaike began researching expression through print media such as silkscreen and print collage, and after graduation began working in earnest with the stencil technique, which produces subtle differences within the mass production process, as a means of communication.

The technique of cutting out molds with a cutter and printing with a spray, roller, brush, etc. produces one-of-a-kind pieces with a streetwise pop and speedy style.