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Material: 47% Polyester, 47% Cotton, 5% Polyamid, 1% Elastane

-About the material.

This is a Japanese spun yarn with 1/7 cotton on the outside and polyester on the core.

This is a one-of-a-kind material created through a trial-and-error process of "shrinking and swelling.

The shape of the yarn is Liliyan.

Lilyan is a yarn composed of a tubular cord made of knitted meri-yarns.

Because the center is hollow, it is lighter than it looks.

The greatest feature that distinguishes this material from other Liliyan is that the yarn, which has been corn-up by the Liliyan process, is once reeled up and set at a high temperature to further increase its bulkiness.

This shrinks the length of the yarn by more than 20% and expands the shape of the yarn to give it an airy layer. This material is made with the time and effort that only Japanese craftsmen can take. It is a very attractive material with moderate stretchability that does not cause stress when worn, and a bulky quality that gives it a three-dimensional look, making it beautiful when finished.

-About the product

TABI SOCKS, which are popular for their firm thickness and colors, are now available in lame.
The same color is used for GREEN and PURPLE, and multi-colored lame is used for BLACK.

The catchy and playful coloring is eye-catching.

These are also tube socks, so they are available in FREE size.

The same cotton-polyester Lily yarn as TABI SOCKS is used, but with a slightly finer count.