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 Material: 63% Polyester, 37% Cotton

-About the material
This is a Japanese spun yarn with cotton on the outside and polyester on the core. This is a one-of-a-kind material created through a trial-and-error process of "shrinking and swelling. The shape of the yarn is Lilyan. Lilyan is a yarn composed of a tubular cord made of knitted meri-yarns. Because the center is hollow, it is lighter than it looks. The greatest feature that distinguishes this material from other Liliyan is that the yarn, which has been corn-up by Liliyan processing, is once reeled up and set at a high temperature in order to further increase its bulk. This shrinks the length of the yarn by more than 20% and expands the shape of the yarn to give it an airy layer. This material is made with the time and effort that only Japanese craftsmen can take. The moderate stretchability that does not cause stress when worn and the bulky nature that gives it a three-dimensional look make it beautiful when finished, and it is an easy-care material that can be washed at home, making it a very attractive material. The LIME color is made by dyeing cotton and polyester separately.

-About the products
This is a middle gauge skipper pullover that was well received last season. This skipper pullover can be worn like a sweatshirt or a hoodie by knitting it with thick yarns, even though it has a large open collar. The yarn is thick, but not too heavy, so the silhouette is beautiful when worn without dragging.