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Material: 55% wool, 45% polyester

About Our Materials

1/4.6 wool on the outside and polyester on the core, spun in Japan.

It is a one-of-a-kind material created through a trial-and-error process of "shrinking and swelling.

The thread shape is Liliang.

Liliang is a yarn composed of merillas knitting into a tubular cord.

Because the center is hollow, the finished product is lighter than it appears.

The greatest feature that sets this material apart from other Liliyan fabrics is that the yarn, which has been corn-up by Liliyan processing, is once reeled up and set at a high temperature to further increase its bulkiness.

This shrinks the length of the yarn by more than 20% and expands the shape of the yarn to give it an air layer.

These materials are made with the time and care that only Japanese craftsmen can provide.

It has moderate stretchability that does not cause stress when worn, and its bulky nature that gives it a three-dimensional look is beautiful when it becomes a finished product.


About Our Products

Gandhi sweaters are knitted with a play on materials and sizes while keeping the basics faithful to the original.

Gandhi sweaters have existed for hundreds of years as work clothes for fishermen working on the extremely cold sea.

The need for warm, less bulky clothing to protect against the harsh cold of life at sea, which is easily affected by weather conditions, was the impetus for the creation of this product.

The yarns used in the original gansey sweaters contain plenty of oil and are knitted with tightly twisted yarns that contain a lot of air due to their crimpy yarn quality, creating a waterproof and windproof effect.

MEIAS chose W/PE LILY because we wanted to make a light, soft gansey sweater.

It is knitted tightly in 5G and has just the right amount of fleshiness.

The design of the garter and ribbing at the armholes and slits at the hem, as well as the triangular gussets under the armholes and neck, and the body and collar are knitted in a continuous process.

The larger length and width allow for a loose, loose fit and a cozy atmosphere.