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Material: 55% wool, 45% polyester

About Our Materials

This is a Japanese spun yarn with a 1/4.6 outer layer of wool and a polyester core.

It is a one-of-a-kind material created through a trial-and-error process of "shrinking and swelling.

The thread shape is Liliang.

Liliang is a yarn that is composed of merillas knitting into a tubular cord.

Since the center is hollow, the finished product is lighter than it appears.

The main feature that sets this material apart from other Liliyan fabrics is that the yarn, which has been corn-up by Liliyan processing, is once reeled up and set at a high temperature to further increase its bulkiness.

This shrinks the length of the yarn by more than 20% and expands the shape of the yarn to give it an air layer.

These materials are made with the time and care that only Japanese craftsmen can provide.

It has moderate stretchability that does not cause stress when worn, and its bulky nature that gives it a three-dimensional look is beautiful when it becomes a finished product.


About Our Products

The "Tennis Sweater," one of the most representative sweaters developed for sports, has been incorporated into the MEIAS style and made into a garment that is unique to MEIAS.

The reason why it came to be known as Tilden knitwear is because William Tilden, a famous American tennis player who competed at the All England and Nationals in the 1920s, wore this sweater to play, and it became popular.

The basic elements of cables, V-necklines, and color lines are faithfully represented, with MEIAS' unique style added in the smallest details.

In terms of knitting technique, the horizontal eye of the cable is usually backstitched, but by making it a 1 x 1 fawn, it has a more uneven and bulky knitted fabric.

The twisted direction of the cables is symmetrical, starting from the center, giving it a beautiful symmetry.

The collar is intricately made by joining bag and garter knitting in different directions.

The neck is set deeper for better balance with the thicker collar.

The length and width are not too large, so adults can wear it without becoming too casual.