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Material: 38% Linen, 52% Cotton, 25% Polyester

-About the material
This material is made of blended yarn of extra-long staple cotton and linen with twisted polyester yarn. Blended yarns are blended with each material in its cotton (wadding) state before becoming yarn, and then spun into yarn. The carefully spun yarn has a beautiful surface with little fluff, and its cool and light texture is very suitable for use in mid-summer. The combination of polyester makes it wrinkle-resistant and stabilizes the shrinkage rate. It is an easy-care material that can be hand-washed.

-About the product
Based on a military skipper shirt, this shirt is knitted in 14G jersey. The pattern is designed so that the shoulder line and the sleeve peak are in a straight line without any shoulder drop, and a generous gusset is placed under the sleeve to increase the range of motion of the arm. The yoke at the shoulder is the same jersey as the body, but it is made by double-layer bag-knitting to create a difference in transparency. The collar and all the needlework are made firm by adding more yarn. The long front placket and one button are also details of military skipper shirts. The transparency of the material makes it cool to look at and to wear, and we recommend it for summer tops.