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Material: 100% cashmere

About Our Materials

This yarn is made from 15.5~15.8 micron Inner Mongolian cashmere raw material and spun into 2/26 count soft textured yarn.

Since this is a high-end material, it is usually knit in single strand jersey, but MEIAS knits it in multiple strands to make it thicker.

The four recomended colors of the season are available in shades that are fun to choose from.


About Our Products

7G single jacquard knit sweat pullover.

Jacquard knitting is a knitting method usually used for patterned knitting such as Fair Isle sweaters.

The patterned yarn is knitted as the front, and the non-patterned yarn is the yarn that crosses over to the back.

Taking advantage of this characteristic, the back of the knitted cut and sewn fabric is expressed as a plain pattern for each stitch.

In the last fall/winter, the product was 5G and thicker.

This season's version is one step thinner than the previous season's, so it can be worn alone when the weather starts to get chilly, or as a coat-in in midwinter for a longer period of time.


The linking detailing is continued, and the color scheme of the different materials used for the linking is subtly accented except for the collar linking.If you prefer, you can also wear it inside out for a different look.