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Material: 90%silk, 8%nylon, 2%polyurethane

About Materials

This pull over is made of silks , an Italian silk company Servizi e Seta.


Silks are the finest and longest of all natural fibers, and has long been used as the best material for clothing, especially in the fields of dress and formal wear.

In addition to attractiveness of silk products is compared to pearl, .silks are comfortable to wear due to their rich water absorbency, moisture release, and their supple feel.

It is good for human skin and health to wear silks, which are made from pure natural protein fiber consisted of about 20 types of amino acids, which are similar to those in human skin.


Silk used by MEIAS are semi-combed spun, and this is characterized by its luster and beautiful knit texture without knots due to repeated combing.

Also, materials are made of silk but are hand-washable, which improves the image of silk as difficult to handle.

Although hand-washable items, silk is a delicate material, so please be careful of friction when handling it.


About Materials

This luxurious silk sweatshirt pullover is made of 100% silk yarn plated with stretch yarn and knitted into a smooth knit.

The luster of silk, which can be recognized at a glance even from a distance, creates an elegant and dignified atmosphere not found in conventional sweatshirts.

The knitted fabric, which is not too thick and has just the right amount of bounce because it is knitted smoothly with fine yarns, fits the body well, and its absorbent feel will make you want to wear it again and again.

The silhouette is faithfully patterned after the King of Sweatshirts, Champion, whicheveryone has worn at least once, and reconstructed into a knit. Details such as the three needles and the eyes of the horizontal fabric were also carefully considered.

We hope you will wear this sweatshirt with the balance of material and silhouette that will make you feel like you have always wanted a sweatshirt like this.