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Material: 100% silk

About Our Products

This is a luxurious heavyweight T-shape, using only 100% silk yarns.

By expressing the popular heavyweight cotton T-shirt in silk, the luster that can be seen from a distance creates an unmistakable, high-quality, dignified atmosphere.

The yarn volume is twice that of a long T-shirt, so it is firm and thick, and has a falling feel.

The silhouette of CAMBER's Finest Series, a long-established line of heavyweight T's that have been loved since the factory was established in 1948, was used as a reference to create the pattern, and knit elements were added in the densification and other aspects.

The XXL size in particular is recommended for its thicker arms and stuffed collar, which give it an American feel.

The length is the same as size L to fit Japanese people.

By wearing this product, we want you to feel the balance between the shiny and comfortable material and the silhouette.