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Material: 80% silk , 8% nylon , 3% elastane

About Our Products

This is a silk sweatshirt pullover knitted in a very luxurious smooth knit using only 100% silk yarns.

The luster of silk, which can be recognized at a glance even from a distance, creates an elegant and dignified atmosphere not found in conventional sweatshirts.

The fine yarns are knitted smoothly, so the knitted fabric is not too thick but has just the right amount of bounce, and the absorbent feel will become addictive once worn.

The silhouette is faithfully patterned after the King of Sweatshirts, Champion, which everyone has worn at least once, and reconstructed into a knit.

The design was also detailed with details such as the three hands and the eyes on the horizontal ground.

We hope you will feel the balance between the material and silhouette of the sweatshirt, which will make you wish you had a sweatshirt like this.