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Material: 50% mohair , 32% nylon , 18% wool

About Our Materials

This material is a fancy yarn manufacturer in the Prato region of Italy, established in 1964.

The manufacturer specializes in mohair, and we selected their standard material ASTRO50.

It is made of a very luxurious material using 50% super kit mohair, which is among the finest materials of animal hair.

Super Kit Mohair is the finer 25~26 microns of kit mohair from Angora goats less than one year old.

The texture is soft and rich in luster.

The material is so soft that the hair does not stick to the skin and can be worn without stress even by those with delicate skin.


-About the product

This is a pullover made of 5G knit between one leg so that you can enjoy the luxury of super-kid mohair. By selecting a single-bed of knitting method that maximizes the blowing of the moheya hair, the hair of the moheya is produced only by shrinkage.

The collar, the armhole, and the lower sleeve are carefully made to stand up the footsteps between the mountains for three mountains, and it is beautiful to the detail. All linking yarns are made of different materials of different colors, and the collar and armhole are eye-catching designs with outgoing linking.

The end of the collar ribs are linked with a different material, and the linking of the main stitching is also made of a different material, giving the appearance of a double line of different materials.

The armholes are linked with different materials at the end of the sleeve pile, and the body side is linked with the knitted edge, so that when the sleeves and body are linked, they appear to be joined like vertical stripes.

The base is a simple crew neck pullover, but the result is a playful, lightweight, and warm piece.