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Material: 50% mohair , 32% nylon , 18% wool

About Our Materials

The material is from a fancy yarn manufacturer in the Prato region of Italy, established in 1964.

The manufacturer specializes in mohair, and we selected a yarn called ASTRO50, which is a standard material among their products.

This is a very luxurious material made of 50% super kit mohair, which is among the finest materials of animal hair.

Super Kit Mohair is the finer 25~26 microns of Kit Mohair, which comes from Angora goats less than one year old.

This material is soft and has a rich glossy texture.

The material is so soft that the hair does not stick to the skin and can be worn without stress by those with delicate skin.


About Our Product

This V-neck cardigan is made with a 5G single-bed of super-kid mohair, so that you can enjoy the luxury of super-kid mohair.

By selecting a knitting method that blows the hair of the mohair to the maximum, we have created the hair of the mohair only by shrinking it.

The armholes, under sleeves, and sides are carefully knitted with 3 foot space between the rows, and the pockets are knitted in jersey with just the right thickness.

This garment was knitted with great care and attention to detail.

The linking threads are made of different colored materials except for the placket, and the armholes are eye-catching with outgoing linking.

The depth of the V-neck is repeatedly examined to find a balance that is neither too deep nor too shallow, and that will never become boring.

This cardigan is lightweight and warm, and can be simply thrown on to add a touch of class to your wardrobe.