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Material: 100% wool

About Materials

This pullover is made of 100% extra fine merino (19.5μ) combed wool.

The wool is made of Cash Wool, a standard material of Zegna Balfa, a prestigious Italian spinning company that has been in business for more than 150 years.

Zegna Balfa is an integrated company from spinning to dyeing and quality. The high quality of its fabrics has earned the company the support of luxury brands and designers.

Cash Wool is made from extra fine wool (19,5 microns), the finest wool selected in Australia, and a special process developed by Zegna Balfa gives it a silky sheen and a soft cashmere-like texture despite its shrink-resistant yarn, and is recognized worldwide as the highest quality merino wool.

This yarn is made from wool with long fiber lengths, which gives it a gentle feel and excellent anti-pilling properties, making it extremely resistant to pilling.


About Our Products

Tough cotton cut and sewn shirts may come to mind when you think of lager shirts, this shirt is made of CASH WOOL extra fine (19,5 microns).

You may think that this is wool, but if you trace the origins of athletic wear, wool was used as a material.

Clothing made in the 1920s, which was supplied by Canterbury to represent the rugby kingdom of New Zealand, is also made of 100% wool.

Wool is often used for sportswear because it is highly effective in retaining heat, absorbs moisture well, and is extremely good at regulating body temperature.

The tailoring of this shirt was created through many trials and errors in the construction of the collar, which is the key point of the shirt.

The upper collar is made of jersey pouch to give thickness and a flat surface, and the collar edge is finished in a beautiful line by adjusting the angle of the collar.

The collar is made of Milano rib knitted tightly so that the silhouette when it is folded over fits beautifully.

The front placket is tailored with hiyoku, which creates a clean collar when buttoned up.

Buttonholes are made by knitting, so there is no risk of fraying.

This garment is made with various techniques, such as bag-knitting for the hem, rib-knitting for the sleeves, and various knitting techniques.