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Material: 100% wool

-About the material

This is a twisted wool material made in Bishu, a province in Japan, with a core of fine count yarn fed into a thicker count yarn to create a kave shape.

The western part of Owari, Aichi Prefecture, centering on Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture, to the western part of Seino, Gifu Prefecture, is called "Bishu".

The fertile soil created by the abundant water of the Kiso River that flows through Bishu is ideal for mulberry and cotton fields, which are necessary for sericulture. The benefits of the Kiso River, such as soft water suitable for dyeing and finishing of yarns and fabrics, have allowed the area to develop into one of Japan's major woolen textile production centers.

The undulation of the yarn, which is a characteristic of kave yarn, can be maximized even in basic knitted jersey fabrics to create an atmospheric surface texture.

The yarn is 1/3 count and thicker, so the yarn shape is very easy to recognize and has an outstanding sense of presence.

It is 100% wool, so it is also highly heat-retentive.

We have dyed the yarn in our original coloring of undyed raw silk and a soothing charcoal gray.

-About the product

We selected medium count wool kabayaki yarn as the material based on 1970's American vintage clothing.

The yarn is jersey knitted to maximize the waviness of the yarn, which is a characteristic of kabayaki yarns, and is knitted tightly with the yarn knit to the maximum degree, eliminating gaps between the knitting stitches as much as possible.

The full-needle tape behind the zipper not only serves to hide the zipper tape, but is also knitted diagonally from the middle, and the restraining stitches also accentuate the design.

The collar ribs are knitted in jersey bag knit to give a sense of presence, and stretch yarn is plated on them to give them a firm thickness.

Sleeve and hem ribs are also plated with stretch yarn

It has become a silhouette.

The same shape and material are also available in different twisted wooden colors.